mardi 21 septembre

Bojour tout le monde!
Today students got their in-class essays back. Corrections are due tomorrow. Students started working on a dialogue ” au cafe”.  that’s cafe with an accent on the final e. But today  I am using a keyboard that is not set up with French accents  🙁
the homework that was due today was:
1. look up all the words and phrases in the list I gave you ( I. Le vocabulaire) that you do not know .
2 write a sentence with each word or phrase on the list.
Of course, since you are using phrases that talk about the PAST ( hier, avant-hier, etc…) your verb tenses have to match and be either le passe-compose or the imparfait. Double check your answers to make sure you conjugated your verbs with the correct tense ( use verb charts).
Les devoirs pour mercredi :
1. interro sur le vocab ( I. Le vocabulaire) and the verbs in the past ( see handout from Monday).
2. Correct and Rewrite the sentences in your essay that have mistakes.
Use another page in your composition notebook, DO NOT WRITE under or above the sentences you wrote on Friday.
Write complete sentences. Highlight your corrections with a highlighter. Some of you will have most of your essay to rewrite, and that is OK.

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