mardi 8 février

Aïe, Aïe, Aïe 🙁
Due to the high number of people who failed the quiz on the PC/ IMP  today , I would like to give you another chance to succeed and master the all important concept of the PC/IMP.
We will keep on working on this but expect a quiz Thursday or Friday . So , again, study the blue packet, and the expressions p 69 #3 and #4.  Use Bon Voyage and  use all the ressources that you find helpful.
Use Quizlet to make your own flash cards.
Aujourd’hui nous avons corrigé les devoirs p. 71 BC ( blue packet ) et les élèves ont eu une interro sur le PC/ IMP.
Les devoirs pour demain:
ABC p. 63-64 ( cahier). Aim for 90% accuracy! 🙂
Bonne journée

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